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Chance after Chance....

Parents are notorious for reminding kids about the number of chances given to avoid the dreaded punishment. That's childhood, and we can all tell stories about the 'punishments' we've endured. In life all of us want a second chance---to retake an exam, avoid a traffic ticket, to win a competition, to make things right. We've faced some minor and major issues that warranted a second chance, but there are sometimes when we ourselves want the chance that we wouldn't give someone else. It's Second Chance month, and a great time to ponder the meaning of having another opportunity when others don't believe we deserve it. Exams, traffic tickets, and game competitions are minor in comparison to a life in Christ and a second chance to have a relationship with God. For me, I can't help but think about Resurrection. Redemption. Forgiveness. Recovery. All of us have a second chance.

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