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Don't let the movement of other people cause you to move

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Have you ever been at a traffic stop waiting for the signal to change? Whether in a hurry or not, I've noticed that when one vehicle moves it triggers an automatic reflex and other drivers tend to inch forward without realizing it. The signal hasn't changed but the responses are a reflex. After noticing this, not only am I careful to be attentive when I'm driving, I've applied it to my life. Too often we tend to base our moves on what others are doing. This is dangerous and shortsighted. Why? Because you have your own car to drive in the direction of and to your destination. Who knows where the other drivers are headed, if any where. Maybe they are on a drive to blow off steam, run an errand, or even worse they are lost and driving around in circles. When you plan your next move, focus on your moves. Focus more of your energy on where you want to go instead of on where you've been. There is a divine path curated by God for each of us. Your faith, focus, creativity, resilience, and drive keep you on the path.

When God says 'Be still'...... be sensitive and focused. Be careful not to confuse awareness with sensitivity.

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