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You Pay for What You Don't Want to Know and for What You Don't Want to Do - #growyourself

I was talking to two young entrepreneurs today about their business, and it was so interesting and exciting. I am so excited for them and their future! One of the things I shared with them is the importance of research, homework, growing and expanding in knowledge and mindset. I emphasized to them that when you don't want to do something for yourself--you can pay someone to do it. When you don't know or won't do the homework to find out--you can and will pay for someone else to know what you could learn yourself. We have choices about our budget and our investments, but when you can invest in yourself and your business (or career, dreams, etc.), why not do it. There is so much information available to us. Think about it, then may be talk to someone about it. Have the conversation! #growyourself #mindset

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