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Practicing Quiet-Inside & Out

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Way too many of us tend to think the more we talk the more relevant we become. So while sitting out on the balcony viewing one of the most spectacular and so serene sites in Europe, it occurred to me: study to be quiet and practice quietness. It was like a wind in my mind, seriously. It brought such a peace to me and I vowed to embrace this life changing moment. I love nature in all of its beauty, splendor, mystery and quietness. Even when the birds are singing, crickets chirping and all of the other sounds of nature are at its height--there is a beautiful quietness that permeates me from the inside out. My mind rests and so does my spirit. Life is immediately recognized in its pure beauty. Walk outside in the morning and just listen. If you live in a more urban environment, find a place outside where you can 'hear.' Let's practice quiet---less talk, less technology, less busyness--and find the quiet from the inside out. Love you!

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