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Private Lessons. Private Battles.

More than 81 million people in the world today. You're up and about today? Sometimes every day feels like a battle. Just to get out of bed. Get dressed. Get ready for the day. Private Lessons. Private Battles. Even in these times, there is a powerful lesson to remember: God sees you. God hears you. God feels you. God knows you. God is attentive to you. God loves you. God notices you in the crowd of millions...

I finished my book, Private Lessons. Private Battles, in nine months but I started writing it in 2005. Why did it take so long? Why does it seem to take us a while to 'get it?' That depends on the person, the situation, the lesson, and the battle. Each of us is different, and so it is. The commonality is we each have a life journey, private lessons, and private battles. The greatest commonality is that GOD, the God of all existence, notices each of us.

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