We have songs in our spirit that may not appear until we find our faith being challenged in ways we've never experienced. Destiny is proof. It is a deeply moving, lyrically sound, and musically amazing journey of discovering God's infinite Love. It sings of His truth demonstrated by the work of Jesus Christ in our lives.

The Backstory:

What a journey it is! I'm not the best singer, by any stretch of the imagination, but I felt deeply moved in my heart to write and record 'Destiny,' and release it in 2008. The songs were written over a short period and the pull to record them was so strong. I just felt a 'must do it' inside.  Kudos to a very talented group of musicians, singers, and the most extremely gifted producer/MD who put it all together, Rodrick 'Bubba' Dowling.  I am grateful to have ministered some of Bubba's "Come On and Praise Him" and "Rejoice," the powerful "You Brought Me" by Terry Newsome, and banging 'You Did It' by Laura Wilson and Ramon 'Drum-ducer' Gaskin. Guess what? Dr. Darin Townsend is on the Sax! This entire Tribe helped me give this offering to the world. I am blown away by the number of people across the country who tell me they still play this CD, and how these songs help and encourage them. GET ALL 12+1 TRACKS! They are timeless and eternal. I'm still walking in Destiny. To God be the Glory!

Music Credit:
"Born to Roll" Ford 

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