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Understanding the science, the gift and the art of church administration maximizes the effectiveness of individuals who have the responsibility and roles. In this post pandemic age, the church administrator is more vital than ever to the impactful work of the ministry. Church Administrators, pastors, elders, and volunteers create synergy to ensure all areas of ministry flow inwardly and outwardly to the marketplace and community.

Church Administrator by Daisy Jones

Dream it! Keep dreaming! Vision + Action = Making it Happen.  This spiral notebook reminds you of the manifestations promised.  With the innovations in technology ever evolving, putting a pen to paper is powerful and clarifying. This notebook/journal is lined and ready for notes, messages, prompts, and meetings. Take it anywhere and everywhere. I believe in you!


Destiny is a musical journey of praise and worship distilled out of hardship, spiritual pain, and discovery of God's infinite love, thoughts, and plans for those who love Him with a pure heart. 12 Tracks +Bonus.