Destiny was and still is a deeply personal, lyrically sound, and musically amazing journey about redemption, truth, restoration--and Jesus Christ's love.


The full Destiny CD is free, simply pay the shipping cost (none for local pickup). favorite tracks are: Destiny (of course!), Your Word, Desert Praise,You Don't Know and Say to You.

The Backstory:

I'm not the best singer, by any stretch of the imagination, but I felt deeply moved in my heart to write and record a musical collection entitled 'Destiny.' The CD was released in 2008, just months after my Dad died so he didn't get a chance to hear it. The songs were written over a twelve-month period and the pull to record them was so strong. I just felt a 'must do it' inside.  Kudos to a very talented group of musicians, singers, and the most extremely gifted producer/MD who put it all together Rodrick 'Bubba' Dowling. 

The Tracklist:
Music Credit:  "Born to Roll" Ford 

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