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Understanding church administration maximizes the effectiveness of individuals who have these responsibilities and roles in an organization.

In this post pandemic age, the Church Administrator is more vital than ever to the impactful work of the ministry. Church Administrators, pastors, elders, and volunteers create synergy to ensure all areas of ministry flow inwardly and outwardly to the marketplace and community. Unfortunately, role-identity and a lack of understanding often undermine the potential of these gifts.

This customized productivity manual is a must-have for new and seasoned staff. It provides a framework for teaching and flowing in the gift of administration. It is easy to understand and is a platform to increase and sharpen your skills. This book is not the end-all for becoming the best Administrator, but this book is one to include in your library. Let it push you to keep learning through study, networking, conversations with seasoned individuals, and hands on service.

What's Inside:
-Learning Module
-Tips and Strategies
-Recommended Reading
-Notetaking and Journaling Pages

-Purchase includes one complimentary coaching session. 

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