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The Grammys

Um nah. I'm not writing about the Grammys but....I watched the show and my fav was seeing Tracy Chapman sing Fast Car! Oh and Trevor Noah is brilliant. And yes, Jay-Z made a clear statement. I heard several people reference that the Grammy award is 'subjective.' I agree. I wasn't into the music but intrigued with what the winners said after touching the Grammy, hugging whomever, before approaching the microphone. With nerves, surprises, joy, and all kinds of emotions, it was interesting. I loved it when some of them acknowledged GOD, their parents, teams and even siblings and godparents. That's what I will remember.

Anyways, I want to say--welcome back to my page. What's new? I'm restarting my Blog because I feel more clear about what I want to say. I will keep it short and to the point! Always KISS. I mean of course keeping it simple and short. Another thing, In case you didn't know, I published a book in 2022:. Private Lessons. Private Battles. Noticing that God Notices You.

Don't miss my radio show, Conversations with Daisy Jones every Saturday at 12:00 pm EST on Gospel 94.9 FM WHNL and 106.3 FM WOAH The Sparrow. You can listen everywhere at Can you believe it will be 8 years on the radio in April 2024? If you miss the show look for selected episodes on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Thanks for being here. Hang with me and let's talk!

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